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Shop our high-quality cotton pants that are specially made in Nepal in order to ensure natural materials without the inclusion of unnatural fabrics or polyesters. These pants are perfect for casual wear, lounging, traveling/backpacking, yoga, meditation, and even sleeping.

The pants come in a variety of colors and sizes for you to choose from.


Care instructions:

Please keep in mind that due to the pants being 100% cotton that it is best to avoid the use of a dryer when washing these pants and that you should rather opt to dry-hang outside instead. In addition, make sure to use cold water when washing rather than hot water to decrease fading of colors & shrinkage.



If you decide to buy in bulk, feel free to reach out to us on any one of the numbers provided below for a discount. 







When choosing a shipping option for this product, please select "Cotton Pants Shipping" as this ensures that the correct price is estimated. 

Khaki/Tan Men's Nepalese Drawstrings Cotton Pants

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