Third Eye "ZAFU"


1. Locate hidden zipper underneath the handle.

2. Remove the contents of the ZAFU.

3. Wash the ZAFU cover and let dry. 

4. Funnel original contents of ZAFU back inside. 

The HAH The Third Eye "ZAFU" cushion is an innovative design that is filled with very fine millet hulls that conform to the unique shape of your body, providing excellent lumbar support to help position you in the ideal posture to prevent pain and improve the quality of your time spent meditating.  

Our Third Eye "ZAFU" covers are washable and come with detailed washing instructions that are included on the tag.

The Third Eye "ZAFU" comes with a free water-resistant foldable bag that helps you carry the Third Eye "ZAFU" to wherever you intend on going to. The ZAFu is perfect for recreational trips to the park, concerts, athletic events, etc. This same bag can also be placed underneath the Third Eye "ZAFU" to protect it from getting dirty. 


Perfect for airplane travel, the Third Eye "ZAFU" can even be considered as a personal carry on item similar to a neck pillow. The Third Eye "ZAFU" can easily be attached to the handle of your luggage or a backpack. 

Third Eye "ZAFU" provides ideal back support for long drives or situations that require long hours of sitting.




The outer casing of the Zafu is 100% cotton and the filling within the zafu are millet hulls (husk). 


Millet Hull Re-fill process 

After prolonged use, it is common for the Third Eye "ZAFU" to require additional millet hulls to be placed within. This is due to the fact that the millet hulls used are 100% organically grown within the US and may conform due to the weight of your body. 


If this is the case and you need to refill your Third Eye "ZAFU", simply give us a call or buy the re-fill millet hulls from our website.

We will ship anywhere within the United States and Wholesale prices are available for orders of 6 or more. 

Cats Love our Cushions!


• Helps with lower back pain.

Molds to the shape of your body, supporting your lower hip and properly aligning your lumbar vertebrae.

 Prevents nerve pressure so that you do not experience leg numbness or any sort of pin-prick sensation.