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Third Eye "ZAFU"

100% Cotton Fabric from Nepal and Hand Made in the U.S.A.


Third Eye "ZAFU"

Each cushion comes with a free high-quality water resistance bag for ease of storage and to allow for transportation.

This bag can even be placed beneath the cushion at concerts, sports bleachers, or when meditating to prevent your Zafu from getting dirty.  

Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening.

Treat it with care. - Buddha




Introducing our new ZAFU 2.0

The new HAH Zafu 2.0 Cushion features a therapeutic circular mat that is attached to the body of the zafu and provides the necessary support for the ankle and reduces ankle ball pain. 

The Zafu is filled with very fine millet hulls that conform to the unique shape of your body, providing excellent lumbar support to help position you in the ideal posture for meditation. 

HAH Third Eye Zafu Cusion


Sitting Posture 

It is well known and documented that sitting on couches are not good for the back and may cause postural issues. Additionally, poor back health is often associated with chronic back pain. 

Our Third Eye "ZAFU" is a fashionable choice to provide the necessary lower lumbar support to prevent spinal strain despite extended periods of time spent sitting down. 

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